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Surrealism and Dada

The essay "Surrealism and Dada" explores such movements as surrealism and dada. To elaborate on how certain aspects inspire the emergence of an art movement, the following study essay will evaluate two art movements; Dada and surrealism, giving their inspiring factors, how they differ, and how they are similar to each other. This art movement emerged around the 20th century in Hannover, Berlin, Paris, New York and Zurich. History has it that the movement was born out of resistance, inspired by the war, World War I, that was going on. Dada art was about provocation and confrontation of the already established (ancient) values of art, going against all the set norms. There is evidence that Dadaists were against the colonialist and bourgeois nationalist interests who to them were the initiators of the war, and as such, resisted much of what society had been accustomed to, and art was not an exception. In short, it was the opposite of what art used to be, and there was no following of any set rules. Under the wider Dadaism, there was graphic design, poetry, theatre, and most importantly visual arts. The main attribute of Dada art was that it was meant to provoke an emotional reaction from the audience, and particularly outrage or shock, and when any form of art intended to be Dada failed in achieving these attributes, it had to be taken back to the drawing board until it achieved its mandate. Art would only be attributed to as being Dada if it resisted the societal norms, or rather, the type of art that people. ...
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The essay states the surrealism and dada. Art is classified according to periods or movements in which they were created in, period or movement in this context referring to a style or tendency in making art in which artists shared common philosophical goals. …
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