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Success of the "Back To the Future" Film - Essay Example

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Author : bartonarchibald
Visual Arts & Film Studies
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Running head: Success of the ‘back to the future’ film Name: Institution: Lecturer: Introduction Back of the future is a comedy, science fiction and adventure film that was launched in1985. The director of the film, Robert Zemeckis, based the film on a story of Marty McFly, a high school boy, and his scientist friend Doc Brown's…

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Success of the "Back To the Future" Film

They have to rectify this by traveling back to time to ensure that Marty’s mother finds Marty’s father. At the end, a trilogy is developed. This movie made it to the topmost film in 1985, and it won several awards. To-date, it is still a classic film dominating the Disney World, Theme Parks, and the Sequels. The gist of this paper is to evaluate the reasons behind the film’s massive commercial success in 1985. This film has experienced tremendous box office success. The success of the film is evident by its selling rate. It is considered a high concept event cinema because when it was produced, it attracted a large audience. This is because the film is market driven and aimed at reaching out to the diverse markets (Maslin 1985, p. 1). This is so because the film appeals to both the old and the young generations. It is a comedy, which keeps the audience entertained to their satisfaction. Ensuring the film has subtitles in different languages also enhances its appeal hence success. Moreover, the uniqueness of the subject matter of the film has also brought its success. This is because prior to its production, the idea of traveling back to time had never been imagined. This unique feature caught the curiosity of most of the audience. ...
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