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Surrealism as a way of looking at life

The essay "Surrealism as a way of looking at life" states the surrealism. Artists were able to create strange creatures, from common objects. From this objects, Toman and Jindřich explains that artists were able to develop painting techniques that had the capability of allowing the unconscious self to express an idea, a concept, or even itself. Castant further explains that works of surrealism constantly feature elements of surprise, non sequitur, as well as unexpected juxtaposition. However, Greet denotes that majority of surrealist writers and artists normally regard their works of art as an expression of a philosophical movement, and this is before regarding these works as an artifact. On this basis, writers and artists of surrealism view this concept as a revolutionary movement. Brodskai︠a︡ traces the emergence of this movement to the Dada activities that were conducted during the 1st World War. Furthermore, Toman and Jindřich denotes that Paris played a great role in the emergence of this movement, because it was the center where artists were able to converge, and express their feelings and artistic works. From the year 1920, Surrealism was able to spread all over the world, affecting works in music, literature, film, as well as visual arts. Brodskai︠a︡ further denotes that surrealism has affected areas such as politics, philosophy, aesthetics, as well as other social elements of an individual’s life. Castant denotes that surrealism is an idea and movement that came to prominence. ...
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This paper critically explores the assertions that surrealism is a way of looking at life, in a political as well as aesthetic manner, and it is not a visual style or idea. Brodskai︠a︡ explains that surrealism is a cultural movement that can be traced back to the early years of 1920s. …
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