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Intro to Television

f the first question which is the scene’s space, it can be considered that most of the scenes in Teen Wolf have an establishing shot that can serve as a focal point of the scene. For example the shot of the jacket of Allison hanging in one of the trees in Derek’s property when Scott turned into a werewolf and thought that Derek has an evil plan for her. Usually the audience would be puzzled at first regarding the shot which is commonly unrelated to the prior scene, so one’s attention would be triggered. For that matter, it serves as a stimulus for the audience to start the scene with heightened and a bit analytic sense.
2. Every initial shot has the purpose of giving focus and even made to create a foreshadowing of the individual scenario. In general, the different shots in almost every scenario express the eerie atmosphere which matches to the concept about how scary a television show about werewolves are. Although the show is exploring the concept of the werewolves, the fact that it explores the life of a teenager or a teen werewolf lightens the mood making the show attract young viewers. Another reason for attracting the younger population is the eerie and fantasy element.
3. The scenes commonly use multiple camera perspectives on the level of a person. The shots are usually dynamic presenting the perspectives of the different characters on the different scenes. The said technique adheres to the 180-degree rule which can give a more active and young atmosphere to the series. The screen direction is not usually maintained but given a two opposing shots most of the time. The viewer is not disoriented because even thought there are short shots in sequence they are very focused. One example if the scene wherein Scott is trying out for the team. There are alternating running and steady scenes which represent the opposing perspectives of Scott against that of his team ...
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It is about a socially awkward and asthmatic high school student, Scott McCall, who became a werewolf after being bitten by another werewolf, a scene which…
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