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Art Reading Summary - Essay Example

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Visual Arts & Film Studies
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Bryon Kim pleasure for painting arose from the availability of color material. Color exists simultaneously as an optical illusion…

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Art Reading Summary

Albers portrays that color perception varies according to its quality and colors around it. Thus making the color the relative medium in art and argues that, the painters post renaissance ought not to be occupied by colors physical fact but its optical instability (Kim).
By representing the effects of change in color of light, it actually shifts the focus of representation from the reality of things presented. Due to the isolation and continuous fragmentation in search of truth in color leads to the loss of ability to represent the totality of the objects. Even though, Kim gives us facts about colors by virtue of their completeness, we find that these facts are indeed not right. Therefore, there are different factual approach to colors and its essence but trying to localize them is impossible (Kim).
White is the first simple of all colors, but the philosophers will not accept either white or black to be colors. Painters provided explanation for why they have difficulties in accepting white as one of the colors among the many colors. Others argued that white is the color because it has similar color of the light, and them do see the light all the time and do not see its colors. White can be under the category of color skin or any other hue (Dyer).
Whiteness already suggests its importance by designating social group to be for the human ordinary. It is not frequently included in paint color charts instead it is often treated to be added to another hue to make it paler. The color white is not only visible physical characteristics in other people, but it is also used to identify white people as white. It does not mean that color is the genesis of racism and racial distinction other than the way ethnic identity is thought and felt (Dyer). Other things might select other people as white yet literally they are not primarily white they are identified by the color white. Distinctions of color among the whites have been ...
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