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Snow White Movie

There are differences, in that the heroine in this effort is passive, a bit stupid and disloyal. This is in contrast to later heroines, in particular Belle from Beauty and the Beast. These are just a few of the similarities and differences between the early efforts put forth by Disney and the later ones.

This paper will examine these similarities and differences, as well as many more. Discussion The imagery surrounding Snow White is considerably different than the imagery surrounding princesses in later Disney incarnations. The first, considerable difference between this animated feature and later features, such as The Little Mermaid is that the animals are less anthromorphized in this feature than in later ones, and the inanimate objects do not come to life, as they do in later features. For instance, in this feature, the animals do not talk. Thus, there is no talking, singing crab like in The Little Mermaid, and the dishes do not come to life and sing, such as in Beauty and the Beast. This aspect gave the movie a bit less of a fantasy quality than later movies, and lent a slightly more believable air to the proceedings. The story could have possibly happened in real life, except that the animals would not be as accommodating as they were in the feature, and, of course, the magic practiced by the Evil Queen would not be possible. But, since the animals and inanimate objects stay mute, the cartoon is not as much in the realm of the fantastic as the later Disney efforts. ...
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Snow White was the Disney Studio’s first feature length animation. Thus, it is useful to compare this cartoon to later cartoons, in that the spectrum of movies which came out of the studio represents an evolution of sorts. There are many similarities between this first animated effort and later ones. …
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