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Fine art

2. Most installations avoid clouds as subject because it seems like a cliché subject not to mention the difficulty of finding materials that would best resemble and represent the clouds. The cliché however is only in paintings but is limited or even absent in installations. I would use combination of cottons and mashed papers to hold the cloud in installation which have not yet been done before making it an original artwork.
3. My projects intends to have a soothing, relaxing, healing in addition to the usual visual effects of artworks. I want my intended audience not only to marvel at the beauty of the installation but also to feel good about it. I want them to revisit or to regress to their pleasant memories during their childhood when they my installation so that when people think of my art works, they will associate it with ...
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My work of making cloud like installations will better serve its intended audience (urban dwellers) if it is installed indoors. The context would be in workplaces where the people are in need of relief from the burden of daily urban life.
This kind of work is influenced…
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