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Tradition and innovation in the Handscroll, in Beijing, 2008

To be specific, Zhang Yimou did not try to discard traditionalism, but linked the same with new technology by allowing modern technology to enter the realm of traditional art.
Similarly, the electronic Handscroll is symbolic of the transformation of general views on art and its connection with time element because the artist tries to link the unknown past with present. Besides, the artist provides ample importance to the entertainment value of the electronic Handscroll because he needs to satisfy the domestic and internationals viewers in general. Thesis statement: The research on the amalgamation of tradition and innovation in the Handscroll, in Beijing, 2008 proves that traditional Chinese art accepts modern technology the same sheds light into the rich traditional Handscroll art in China, new technologies change people’s way of creating art by motivating domestic companies to develop core technologies, and it transforms the general view on art by connecting unknown past and present in general (special references to the electronic Handscroll created by Zhang Yimou and its relationship with traditional Chinese art).
This section is broadly divides into: Traditional Handscroll art in China and modern technology, New technologies and change people’s way of creating art, and The transformation of general views on art and its connection with unknown past and the present.
One can see that the handscroll art in China is interconnected with the Chinese way of presenting traditional paintings. For instance, a handscroll will be in the form of a lengthy scroll consisting of paintings and the Chinese calligraphy. Besides, this sort of scrolls is not for formal display, but to spread on a flat surface and to enjoy the landscape painted on the same. Maxwell K. Hearn stated that, “To “read” a Chinese painting is to enter into a dialogue with the past; the ...
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Generally, Handscroll art is considered as the traditional way of unleashing artistic creativity because the same represents painted image and documentary history. To be specific, the traditional Handscroll artists follow certain guidelines (say, Jiangjiu) while displaying their…
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