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Essay example - Tabloid, Celebrity Internet Assignment

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Visual Arts & Film Studies
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Interest in the famous and the rich goes back centuries; hitherto today audiences seem more consumed with tabloid stories than…

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The new Internet values, therefore, undermine the traditional internet values whereby infotainment becomes rampant. The audiences, therefore, get obsessed with tabloids and the tabularization culture in the modern society. Hence, there is something beyond the social media or the Internet availability factor that is a driving force towards this appetite (Holmes and Redmond 46).
More important, the desire towards this move is by the fact that tabloid significantly immersed in exploring the privacy of various celebrities. It is obvious that this counts towards the sales of tabloids. For instance, the tabloids had sold millions of issues to the public through the internet by the ridiculous heading of the cover reading: ‘Obama gay scandal.’ Therefore, the celebrities such as entertainers and athletes considerably advance the spread of tabloids as their names and their images sold to the public in an engaging manner. In many occasions, the lives of the famous people end up revealed by the camera through the Internet drawing on a set of stylistic features. More often, such actions taken by media persons in the move to the sale or reach to the public in a massive manner thereby, use celebrities to make a profit (Holmes and Redmond 49).
The proliferation of the electronic media also changed people’s taste of reading news with a view to the general generation. The public has developed the culture of learning about the everyday life of top celebrities through the internet. For instance, many celebrities have their twitters, Facebook and blog most managed by them. Therefore, this makes the celebrity issues a neighbor to the public on the internet. Hence, the public ends up more interested in peeking onto the affairs of the new neighbors (Barkin 34).
The move also fueled by the means of getting the news related to celebrities in the modern society. For instance, the advancement ...
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