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AFLP is the method which is employed for the DNA fingerprint. AFLP makes use if selective PCR in order to make the restriction fragments drawn from the whole genomic DNA more intense (Vos P, 1995).
Figure 2 relates the broccoli, turnip and pak choi to the Brassica genus. In addition to that, the pak choi and turnip form the same subgroup because of their relation to the Brassica rapa. Since Radish belongs to Raphanus, that is a totally different genys, it forms a separate group. This finding was consistent with its use as an outgroup control. Outgroup plays the role of a reference group that helps identify the altering link between the various groups of interest and itself. This enhances the efficiency of the phylogenetic analysis software in assessing the dendrogram which is the phylogenetic tree. It also enhances the functioning of the program by separately dealing with the group of interest and the ...Show more


Since then, people all over the world have become aware of the fact that each of them has a unique structure of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) (Steel KMMRB, 2004). This powerful discovery…
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Mendel Genetics Using Brassica Rapa
Through the course of this discourse, the first and second laws of genetics, as established by Gregor Mendel, will be examined using the Brassice rapa as the instrument of experimentation. Using the scientific method, an experiment will be conducted to determine the answer to the research question: What is the inheritance pattern of the purple stem trait?
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Nutritional protocol for hypothyroidism
Hypothyroidism is extremely underdiagnosed, especially in women, due to its relatively confusing nature. In truth, it has been approximated that there are two million people worldwide who are burdened by this disease (Rosenthal 27). In this paper, the author presents correct and accurate nutritional advice in the cure and prevention of hypothyroidism.
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The effectiveness of Chemical Compounds in Brassica vegetables in the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
If diet is the cause, then diet might also be the solution, especially a diet on vegetables. Vegetables have been known to have potent chemicals that prevent and even cure cancer. Medicinal plants and their preparations are currently being used to treat various diseases including cancer, which is the second leading cause of human deaths in the world (Govind & Madhuri, 2011).
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DNA fingerprinting
If the there is some sort of problem i.e. mutation in the DNA, it would lead to altered characters or even lead to abnormalities (Burke 1991). The DNA sequence of every individual is specific and is generally passed on from parents to their offspring. The basic structure of a DNA consists of four Nucleotide bases i.e.
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Alternative Fuel
According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the average vehicle (car or light truck) on the road today emits more than 600 pounds of air pollution each year (Durbin et al, 2000). These pollutants (such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter) contribute to smog and too many health problems.
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Nutritional quality of rapeseed oil and health benefits of omega fatty acids
In this essay, the nutritional quality of rapeseed oil and the health benefits of omega fatty acids will be discussed through review of appropriate literature pertaining to the topic. Rapeseed or Brassica napus belongs to the family Brassicaceae to which
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Staying with economic value, brassicas are also edible as vegetables, meaning they can be harvested and sold (Williams & Hill 1385). In terms of weaknesses,
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Contribution of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture towards Food Security in India
re known to be prerequisites to efficiency as well as long term sustainability of urban and peri urban programs, that should address multi-displinary and multi-sectoral issues that include livestock and crop production, agro-forestry and aquaculture (Ruel et al.,1998). High
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The main objective of the experiment was to investigate the Mendelian Genetics with Wisconsin Fast Plants. In this case, the planted progeny seed (F2) from the self cross phenotypes were observed then a statistical analysis was carried out to determine how
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Mendelian Law and Inheritance of Anthocyanin
After planting, the seedlings were watered on a daily basis with tap water and provided with LED light from a fluorescent tube to enhance growth.
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