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StudentShare is an Online Database of College Essay Examples

Got stuck with your assignments? Can’t move off of that blank page? We are pretty sure that a database with more than 1 million essay samples can significantly help you out. Find your inspiration, grab best essay ideas, learn how to organize your writing, all at once! StudentShare holds unique papers on a vast variety of topics. They all are written by students for students. Surf the ocean of essay samples and grab ideas you find best!
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Yes, some of the samples in our StudentShare database are toll-free. So you can download and enjoy them at any time. Their number is limited, and they cover a narrower range of topics. Still, this is a solid resource to test our service, find great essay ideas and learn how different doctypes are usually formatted by other students.

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Subscription is a key that opens the door for full access to the StudentShare database of unique essay samples. They all are organized, edited and well-formatted. Those papers cover a vast variety of different topics and are constantly growing in number. Over 100,000 students have already joined the community of subscription holders!

Each subscription grants you unlimited download options. They only differ in the period you can use them. Also, we have extra benefits for those, who contribute to our database with their own writings.

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We Are Here To Help You

We believe our primary value to be supportive and helpful in your heavy assignment workload. Managing the endless ocean of academic tasks in all kinds of courses can be very difficult. Especially when you have to catch the wave of inspiration somewhere between working hard and being sleepy. How can you possibly come up with a brand new essay topic or a striking first sentence?

Why won’t you get a helping hand from other students and their works? Your own essay ideas can only get reacher when you read, learn and inspire yourself through the works of others.

It is not only essays for college students that our online database offers. Here you’ll find a vast variety of other writing assignments, like research papers, term papers, case studies, high school essays and much more. Your search will be convenient if you use filters we designed. So, now you can search for essays organized by academic level, document type, topic, etc. All of those papers are unique; you won’t find plagiarism in there.

To make it all even handier for you, we designed various subscription plans. Choose the one that is the best for you and enjoy your studies with StudentShare!

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StudentShare is much more than just an essay database. Below you’ll find six more solutions aimed at making your college life easier and fuller.
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Add your own paper to our database and get unlimited access for free. The more papers you upload, the more benefits you get.
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This online service will help high school and college students to figure out their GPA. The tool is accurate, simple to use, and 100% free.
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How To Use Our Service

StudentShare makes a difference. We have worked out a smart search tool that allows you to easily search the whole online database for an essay with your chosen keywords. This search covers not only essay headings in your chosen category, but also the papers’ content. As a result, you get samples that perfectly match your request. Don't hesitate; give it a try!
Browse the Subject page and choose the category you need. Another option is to enter your topic in the search bar and find accurate results.
To find the samples that best match your needs, you can filter results by paper type and study level. You can also set a needed number of pages. Afterward, pick the samples that fit your request the best and add them to your wishlist to use anytime. The essays you've added won’t be lost.
With just one click, the sample you select will be yours. Simply press the download button and you can easily access a well-written paper full of fresh ideas on your topic.
Download as many papers as you need to get enough ideas, and then integrate them in your own paper to prepare a remarkable writing assignment!

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