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Book Report/Review example - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Book Report/Review
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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is one of the best written works in the history of English literature. It is more or less a science fiction novel that stresses a warning against the over -reaching of modern man and his insane explorations. Written at a time of dramatic advances in science and technology, the novel shows the raising of the creation against the creator, which implies as a warning that the advancement of science can lead to destructions…

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With this as the main theme of the essay, let us move on to the next part.
Robert Walton is the indirect narrator of the story, he tells Victor Frankenstein's story through the letters to his sister, Margaret Saville. Just like Frankenstein, he is self- educated and comes from a good family background. He sets out to explore the North Pole and find an Arctic passage to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The major area where these two characters mix is in regard to their quest for glory. They both think that they are not like others and they long for achieving the impossible. This quest for glory is the potentially fatal flaw in Walton and Victor.
Walton is mad after his expedition. He assumes that his ambition is more important than human life. He also thinks that he has been born to accomplish the task with readiness to sacrifice his own life. This is the amount of aspiration he has for his duty. When Frankenstein hears this thirst form his friend, he reminds of his own quest for glory and its failure. He says:
We can see the same thing happening to Frankenstein. Just like Walton, he too is overwhelmed by his quest for glory and greatness. ...
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