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An autobiography of one's life stands as a legacy of one's being. This is especially true on the part of classical authors who decided put their autobiographies in forms of artistic written creations. Hugh McLennan and Margaret Atwood were both classical authors of the English literature.


Through the said creations, both writers were able to make reading their live' record a more enjoyable reading to do.
Both writers too could be noted of using their own artistic styles in writing as they presented the different phases of their lives that brought them the courage and the reason to be where they are at present. Being recognized by people, as a fine creator of written pieces is something that many people dream of but only a few realizes the reality of such matter. For Margaret Atwood, realizing this particular possibility in her life was more of like a dream come true. Although it was almost a surprise, Margaret Atwood realized that writing was indeed her first love. She was able to recognize that the years of her life has naturally lead her to becoming aware of her talent and the possibilities that she has in applying what she knows for the greater need of others. As a Canadian, writing was quite a difficult profession to enter. The said society had been noted of not being much conducive of supporting hopeful writers in its history. It is through the sole hoping and pursuing writers of that land that made it possible for Canadian artists to really flourish. Hugh McLennan is also a noted Canadian writer who was more or less recognized by the whole world through his writings that pertain to the society's aim of becoming peacefully secured all over. ...
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