"The Characters of a short story are often alienated and isolated figures operating on the Fringes of society"

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The characters of a short-story are often alienated and isolated figures operating on the fringes of society. The conflictive nature of every short-story produces chaotic characters that behave in a strange manner. This is very common in fiction as we will see studying the short-stories "Al Colegio" ("To School") by Carmen Laforet and "La Felicidad" ("Happiness") by Ana Mara Matute.


"I write short," she wrote beautifully in 1983, "my words tight to the thread of the narrative.""
Her short-story "To School" is a clear example of her fiction work. The use of language is fluid and spontaneous. Everything flows quite easily. The point of view is from a mother who narrates how she takes her little daughter to her first day at school. She feels very excited about that experience. From the very beginning we can feel the high intensity emotions in the woman's words. There is an empathic feeling all along the story, but we can also feel some kind of isolation in the mother's psychological world. There is a sense of psychic loneliness in the woman's vision of life that she tries to fill with the friendship of her little girl. Deep inside of her, there is a feeling of solitude, of isolation, that she tries to counterbalance with the loving figure of her little daughter.
Excitement surrounds every little aspect of this short-story from beginning to end: "S por este contacto de su mano que le late el corazn al saber que empieza su vida de trabajo en la tierra, y s que el colegio que le he buscado le gustar, porque me gusta a m, y que, aunque est tan lejos, le parecer bien ir a bu ...
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