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According to Sanjek "before the next century is out, Americans of African, Asian, and Latin American ancestry will outnumber those of European origin. This statement has many implications. The approaches to stratification in urban life when coming to this statement.


This anthropological approach to fieldwork is common in anthropological research of the nature Sanjek writes about in his book. Dsmkjek describes his approach and reasoning behind it when he reported "Boas's public anthropological stance with respect to Native and African Americans, it identifies an alternative history that includes Morgan, Cushing, Wilson, Goldschmidt, and recent practitioners of advocacy anthropology." (Sanjek)

Sanjek's approach to his work can be considered and it is based on observations and experiences a multiracial Queens, New York, neighborhood. His entire ethnography and book includes a look at different anthropological approaches. Sanjek describes his findings to be of significance to "society as a whole." (Sanjek)

What this question aims to answer is; Sanjek refers to the power of resources, the power of organization, and the power of numbers (p. 12).In the neighborhood that Sanjek shoes to do the ethnography crack dealers are high in status socially. What this implies is that the crack dealers have power over the resources, which would be money and drugs. The two go hand in hand. Given Sanjek's ethnography and the details reported in his book the crack dealers are an organization with power. Sanjek also writes about power and the fact that that power is gained through numbers in Elmhurst/Corona.

The crack dealers have all the power but the title of Sanjek's work comes into play involving respect. ...
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