George R Stewarts Earth Abides and its sociological aspects

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As in Georges R Stewart's Earth Abides, the entire humanity has died from a plague which exploded around the world, the only few survivors are organizing themselves in this "new" world. They soon try to build the institutions that made the humankind. The main character Ish found the perfect companion in a woman who is completely his opposite and starts a family, as a way of building an entity which will be stronger to the world and help the human race to survive.


In their society, the economy is slightly different as it is seen not in the value of goods defined by several factors but only quantified in regards of the amount of work, the way to exchange their skill and fulfill their needs. The children of the new world are taught about history and values, to know where they come from and continue the work of their parents in order to rebuild earth as once known. Religion, is represented as to give an orientation to the tribe and to help them have an orientation, as well as for their children. All of these institutions re-emerged in the life of the survivors mainly because it is the only social organization they have known but also because they understand very rapidly that they strongly need to organize themselves to be able to survive - and in the same time allow human race to continue living - after the disaster.
The main aspects of capitalism is the use of labor by the "owners" of an organization as a tool that can be rented and therefore permits them not to participate in the production in other means then investing money to obtain goods. In the case of the tribe, it is not the case, the survivors work to obtain what they need to live, their primary needs. ...
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