Ernest Hemingways In Another Country

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A writer's job is to tell the truth", said Hemingway in 1942 (Young 9). No other writer of our time has so fiercely asserted this truism considering that the primary intent of Hemingway's writings, was to narrate stories based on prima facie evidence.


Considering that most of Hemingway's lead characters happen to be single males (and not females) driven by a zest for masochism (Waldhorn 52) in that they are compelled to act graciously under duress and pain, Nick Adams does not disappoint with his poignant transition from child to adolescent to soldier, veteran, writer and parent; mirroring various shades of Hemingway's life in a way none of his other writings could. Released in abridged format as part of the writer's 20's-30's series of short stories In Our Time, Nick is today remembered by Hemingway fans as his unblemished alter ego who managed to learn the ropes in different aspects of life.
It's significant to note that Nick's continual of Hemingway's passion for self-learning offers a great respite of hope for readers who identify with the writer's enigmatic reverence for optimism and cheer. Written in 1926, In Another Country is a gripping tale of aspirations, individual merit and other "heroic" (Meyers 90) attributes that define Hemingway's portrayal of his lead characters.
In this essay, an attempt has been made to understand the cr ...
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