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This paper is a summary of the article "The Long Road To The Fast Track: Career And Family" by Claudia Goldin, where attitude of college graduate women toward their career and family is studied. Its aim is to summarize the results of the article, which studies difference in women's mentality taking into consideration changes in their income and education and compares these results to the progress of men in career and family.


Women of cohort 1 graduated college from 1900 to 1919, more than 30% of them never married by age fifty, more than 50% of them never had a first birth. They had low rates of labor force participation. Even when they were around age forty-five, the participation rate for married was around 20%. Among those who had jobs, teaching was the main occupation. In general, women of cohort 1 had "either family or career" (rarely both). Cohort 2 graduated college mainly during the interwar years of the twentieth century (1920-1945); non-marriage was about 15 to 20%, the fraction of those who did not give a birth to children was from 30 to 35%. About 25% of the second cohort were in the labor force at the age of about thirty and, once again, teaching was the most usual. Thus, these women had "job then family". Cohort 3 graduated from 1946 to the mid-1960s; the fraction of unmarried was only 8%; Just 10% of married women from the third cohort did not have children. 25 to 30% worked when young and married, or almost the same level as for the second cohort, but the fraction in the labor force at age forty-five was 75%, considerably higher than for the previous cohort. At that time labor market offered college women little in the way of career promotion. ...
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