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The Tempest - Essay Example

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In "The Tempest" Shakespeare, William. Graff, Gerald and James Phelan, ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins. pp.91 - 108. Then find a critical article pertaining to the play (you may use the library data base or the internet)and read that article.
Discuss the internet article you read in relation to Graff and Phelan's debate between the Postcolonial Professor and the Traditionalist Professor…

Extract of sample
The Tempest

For others, it is a source of information about the times we live in and those that preceded ours. It provides us with a historical context for certain events that we witness, it educates us and it sometimes informs our opinions about our world. It is exactly this duality in The Tempest that literary theorists have been grappling with for the past two decades.
The Tempest has often been described as a magical play. It was first performed in the year 1611 and is considered Shakespeare's final play. It contains a mixture of everything required to create an instant success- Intrigue, conspiracy, betrayal and love. It also deals with certain issues that became apparent only during the early part of the 20th Century.
In the debate under study in this essay, the English professor claims that, "it's a disservice to our students when we teachers use great literature as an excuse for our pet political agendas." However, in our day and age, it would be difficult to ignore the issues that a play like The Tempest explores. As the Comparative Literature professor puts it, the play 'practically reeks with political struggle in every scene'
The play is a text about nascent colonization. This is evident from Prospero's treatment of Caliban and his usurpation of the latter's island. ...
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