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The first article that I have read decides what difference exists between the individualism and the collectivism. As I have gone through t he article I have seen that the article is written in a well manner. However according to me there are some flaws in the article that would like to introduce here.


The abstract of the paper is suddenly jumping into conclusions. The abstract according to me is the part which reflects the ideology that has been used in the paper, the ideology that is being discussed in the paper. The abstract in this case does not reflect what the paper will discuss or what is the idea on which the paper or the author intends to emphasize.
As we go further the introduction is given and that also has the same thing that I have noticed previously and that is the introduction of the main i9delogies that are being used by the authors. The introduction if, having the introductions or the definitions of the main technical words that have been used in this case than that would make the article a bit easier to read and comprehend in this case. In this way, the restrictions are pulled out. In addition, this will help a greater number of readers to understand the terms that are being dealt with in the article.
The rest of the article has been made difficult to read and understand as t eh flow of the article is not in a very good manner. It needs a better flow of interlinking concepts. ...
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