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Confessions of Zeno Cosini. - Essay Example

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Cursed by pains and perceived illnesses, Zeno Cosini begins seeing the psychotherapist known only as Dr. S. As Zeno is approaching the end of his years, Dr. S. encourages him to explore his memories as an aid to deeper internal comprehension. …

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Confessions of Zeno Cosini.

As the preface quote above brazenly points out, the reader can never fully believe everything Zeno writes, despite his frequent admissions of bad behavior.

After sneaking cigars from his father and failing again and again to quit smoking, Zeno goes to a sanitarium to finally break the habit. Unfortunately, he bonds with his keeper, and after a few shared drinks and secrets she smuggles eleven cigarettes to him. After becoming excessively impressed with a prominent businessman, he decides he should marry one of his four daughters, before even meeting them. Upon the formation of the acquaintance, he falls passionately in love with one, and marries another while still infatuated with the first. Following his marriage, he embarks on an ardent affair with a singer reliant on benefactors while still maintaining the pretense of a devoted union with his wife.

Ada Malfenti Speier. Zeno's true love object for the five months he daily visited the Malfenti home. However, she chose to marry Guido Speier. After the birth of twins and a long illness she lost all her former beauty. ...
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