A Confederacy of Dunces

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Many fictional characters have had an influence on my life, but there has been one in particular that stands out. It would be difficult if not ridiculous to say that I have patterned my way of life on this character;


Nonetheless, I have learned a valuable lesson in life from reading this book and studying this character and what I have learned has given me a philosophy on which to live.
The book I am talking about is called A Confederacy of Dunces and it was written by John Kennedy Toole. In the outrageous character of Ignatius Reilly-ranked as the 17th best fictional character of all time by Book Magazine in 2002-Toole truly created one of the most original characters of all time. Ignatius Reilly is an obese, opinionated, unemployed man who still lives with his mother and is completely out of touch with the world. Due to a set of circumstances that ends with his mother crashing their car, Ignatius is forced to go out into the world and find a job. He finds several in a series of hilarious episodes that continue to point out how out of step he is with the world.
Ignatius clearly could be misconstrued as a nut, a loser, or even a psycho. Although I disagree with his worldview on several points-he believes the world attained perfection during the Middle Ages and longs for a return to monarchy, not believing the average human is quite intelligent enough to allow for democratic principles of self-rule-I prefer to look at Ignatius in a better light. ...
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