Labor in the colonial Economy of Africa

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This paper will analyze the colonial economy of Africa thru the story Houseboy a novel in the form of a diary written by Ferdinand Oyono in 1956 in French as Une vie de boy and translated into English in 1966.( Using the diary of Toundi, Oyono was able to show what his life was when he was still alive.


The main objective of the paper is to evaluate what was labor in Africa like in Colonial Africa. It will also discuss the economy in Africa and the historical events from 15th-16th centuries. The paper will also show the social standing in labor classes, relationship between workers and masters and the differences between male and female workers.
How Labor was like' Differnt form of labor. Social standing in labor classes, relastionships between workers and masters ..what was the differences'. what made a person successful.. common jobs for workers. differences between mae and female workers.
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