What Dexter Green Finds in “Winter Dreams”?

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Dexter Green becomes a successful entrepreneur in "Winter Dreams", by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In his career, he starts as a golf caddy and then moves into a successful business venture. What Dexter Green finds at the end of "Winter Dreams" is his lost innocence.


He mulls through these reflections, calling them his winter dreams, they make "him clinch his hands and tremble and repeat idiotic sentences to himself, and make brisk abrupt gestures of command to imaginary audiences and armies" (PG #). These musing are magical and the narrator states they cause Dexter to behave in ways that are contrary to his good emotional health, "he was unconsciously dictated to by his winter dreamsthe quality and seasonability of these winter dreams varied but the stuff of them remained" (PG #).

When Dexter has the advantageous opportunity to attend an expensive East coast university, he refuses. While other young men of his age are rehearing their new skills, Dexter borrows against his future (with his education and confidence), buys a partnership, and puts his skills to good use. He is thought of as a go-getter and he maximizes this reputation. He does not just want to be rich or associate with the wealthy, but " wanted the glittering things themselves" (PG #). His winter dreams propelled him in an unconscious direction, but they also hide his latent desires.
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