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Book Report/Review example - The Lady and the Tiger and ''The Pearl''

Book Report/Review
Book Reports
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This paper is a comparative study of the two stories written by Frank Stockton and Steinbeck. Stockton's story, "The Lady and the Tiger", is a short story. The Pearl is a novella. The thrust of this paper is on the analysis of the two stories in order to see how far these two writers have succeeded in rendering human fate as an inevitable force, in spite of the deliberate manipulations done by the characters to fulfill their desires for a happy atmosphere in which to live…

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The authors grippingly maintain the curiosity in order to reveal man's helplessness and limitations in his life. In other words, the attempt here is to study the barbaric king in Stockton's story by comparing him to the relentless efforts of Kino, who is bold or foolish to nurture his ambitions. Nothing pleased the king "so much as to make the crooked straight and crush down uneven places" (Stockton).In both of them there is an extraordinary wisdom posited by the authors. The tragedy is that it is too fantastic to bring happiness in a hard realistic society or world. An impossible reality is fictionalized to remind the readers that there is a great gap between dream and reality.
Stockton's king, belonging to very olden time, has been always successful in turning his fancies into facts. His idealism exhibited through his arena cannot be rejected as a mere barbaric strategy to do justice to his subjects. It has the basic qualities of a good scheme of retribution and reward: "crime was punished, or virtue rewarded". The tiger and the lady are mere symbols in the story. ...
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