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Literature in its shortest definition is the reflection of life. As life is never a complete joy or a complete sadness It is the mix of these two, in the same way a good piece of literature carries these emotions in such a way that they cannot be separated.


First of all it is the Hamlet's relation with Ophelia that is quite pleasurable and pathetic at the same time. It is pleasurable when the beautiful Ophelia appears in act II scene I as, "The fair Ophelia - Nymph in thy orisons" The entire play is full of such lines showing her beauty and innocence. However, Hamlet's later attitude towards her mixed with the death of her father and her own tragic end creates dissatisfaction among the audience.
Secondly Hamlet's tragic end creates unrest in the minds of the audience, because the character of Hamlet has universal appeal and significance. His figure, as Brandes puts it, "is one of the very few immortal figures of art and poetry. Like Cervantes' Don Quixote, and Goethe's Faust." Such a figure did not deserve such a fate. His witty remarks and his discussions with Ophelia and Polonius create pleasure in the play. No doubt some critics are never reluctant to blame Hamlet's irresoluteness as the cause of his tragic death, but they ignore the fact, that Hamlet was not a layman to act impulsively. He was a thinker and fine soldier. Ophelia, in a soliloquy deplores the fact that Hamlet, a combination of the courtier, the scholar, and the soldier how could he loss his reason.
Thirdly the death of the queen is also a blend of pleasure and disquietude. ...
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