New Glory by Ralph Peters

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Ralph Peters is a novelist, strategist, as well as commentator. He is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who worked for infantry and intelligence units before becoming a Foreign Area Officer and a global tactical reconnoiter for the Pentagon. He is the writer of twenty books and a number of columns, articles and essays.


He as well looks at a variety of military and foreign policy issues and presents intelligent interpretation. Peters long traveled the world like an Army intelligence officer. In "New Glory," he makes use of his real-world familiarity to convey a State-of-the-World message. In this book Ralph Peters stresses for a realignment of U.S. engagements out of the country and changing its military and political corps in his analysis of national policy. The debate gave emphasis to the value of practical experience and travel in a foreign country. He as well talked about the importance of learning from history, immigration plus human rights. (Ralph Peters, 2005)
In this energetic although hardly ever penetrating geo-political screed, the battle lines are ascetically drawn. On one side are Americans, who are so victorious, so influential, so prosperous and so humanitarian that our very subsistence disgraces the failed and failing around the world, helped by the other English-speaking peoples and the promising areas of India, Africa as well as Latin America. Contrasting us is the Islamic Middle East, a kingdom of wickedness and illness of the soul, the global blights of terror campaign and corruption and, most horrible of all, France, a.k.a. ...
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