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Virgil in Dantes Inferno

During Dante Alighieri's time, Virgil was considered as the greatest Roman poet due to his conception and composition of the Aeneid. Like many classical and mythological synthesis, Dante's inclusion of Virgil are seen by critics to signify his adoration of the Roman poet but critics suggest that Dante may have been trying to identify himself as capable enough to depict and subsume Virgil entirely.
An analysis of the story would indicate that Dante was more like showing reverence for Virgil's ingenuity for he endows the character with a wise and guiding disposition. The first impression that any reader would have regarding Virgil the ghost is that he serves as a mere guide and protector of Dante in his journey through hell. True enough, Virgil was the one who protected Dante from being enticed and harmed by monsters and demons such as Charon and the Centaurs. However, a deeper philosophical inquiry would reveal that the character Virgil symbolized what Dante the writer fervently believed as the important asset of mankind. This asset is called human reason.
Dante the writer was trying to inform the reader of his belief that it is only through the use of human reason that we are able to discern what is right and what is wrong. ...
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Dante Alighieri's Inferno relates the story of Dante and his journey through hell. Dante the character hopes that by doing so, he would determine the true nature of sin and hopefully find God's love in the process. The journey takes Dante to the deepest recesses of hell but receives help and guidance from Virgil, the only character that appears all throughout the story besides from Dante…
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