Evaluation Essay of the Kate Chopin's Stories "Desiree's Baby" and "The Storm"

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Kate Chopin, one of the most prominent American short story writers of the 19th century. In fact this woman wrote the stories about the things she saw herself, thus it was about her contemporaries and the situations that were ordinary in her times. The story unfolding in the Desiree's Baby is a good example for it, as it takes place in a small American town, a place were people know everything about their neighbors, and where it's really hard to cover any mystery.


The protagonists of the story also were the real people Chopin could see on the streets every day. The heroes of the first story, Desiree's Baby are Desiree, a young beautiful woman, who was found by Madame Valmonde as a toddler near the huge stone pillar. This woman raised Desiree as her own daughter, and the girl grew up to be "beautiful and gentle, affectionate and sincere". Desiree is a great mother, good daughter and wife, and she's the one who encourages her husband Armand to be more tolerant towards his black slaves. For Desiree the well-being of her loved ones, her husband, child and her foster mother is of greater importance than her own happiness.
Armand Aubigny, Desiree's husband and her son's father, is a son of a prosperous landowner, a young man who's cruel towards his slaves, and, as it turns out later, towards his loved ones. ...
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