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Book Report/Review example - Movie " Fight Club "

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High school
Book Report/Review
Book Reports
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It certainly seems to be a violation of the rules of the fight club to talk about the film itself but the story contained within, the multiple layers of psychological issues and the very idea of capitalism and the 'next generation' as it has been envisioned by the creators of the film deserves to be talked about…

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The plot begins with the narrator who is a lowly worker in a large automobile manufacturing company. His job is to see if a car recall would be beneficial for the company in economic terms rather than in terms of saving the lives of their customers. He suffers insomnia and finds solace in the problems of others with support groups. However, there is something missing in his life which is offered to him in the shape of a fight with a rather strange man he had met recently on a flight, i.e. Tyler Durden (Wikipedia, 2007).
Tyler becomes the hero of the film for the most part and it is only at the very end that the audience is shown that Tyler is only a doppelganger for the narrator. It is Tyler who starts the fight club, gives the rules for the club and then initiates project mayhem with the help of other members of the fight club (Wikipedia, 2007). The real meat of the message carried in the movie comes from the various speeches and monologues that Tyler carries out and in the conversations that he has with the narrator and other characters. The members of the fight club are actually trying to get rid of the tyranny imposed on them by the culture they are born into. Living paycheck to paycheck, being a part of the corporate systems, understanding their place in the social hierarchy as well as being unable to get everything that they want to get.
However, what they find the ...
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