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Nostovia's New Airport

The Supply chain for procuring these equipments can be drawn as;
Supply chain management (SCM) in general involves managing complex flow of information, materials, and money across multiple functional areas both within and among companies (Faisal et al, 2006). Efficient management of the supply chain helps in value addition in the final product, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. Quality of the services provided is ultimately assessed by the visitor while at the airport. In this case, the Nostovia Airport Authority (NAA) requires;
Baggage trolleys: to help the customer in carrying his/ her luggage from one place to another. Therefore, such carts should not be too heavy in weight. It should be made up of lightweight material, yet with sufficient strength to withstand daily impacts and comparatively heavy weights. The baggage carts must also be made in such a manner that the while moving the cart, the luggage should not fall on the ground, which might result in more difficulties for the visitor. The carts must have light weight and friction free wheels, which could be easily nudged by the visitor. ...
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Globalization has indeed led to increasing travel and activities in order to enhance the business prospects. Airports being the entry points of almost all such business ventures have a crucial role in presenting the first impression to the visitor. Therefore, the Nostovia Airport Authority (NAA) will have to make sure that the facilities are good enough at the airport to make the customers i.e…
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