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Essay example - Effective Leadership

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Communication is one primary factor that is needed in present organizations. The free flow of information between the authorities towards the members is n important part of a healthy organizational progress. However, communication may not be that easy to apply especially when the situations are tough…

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As a result, when the activities are already set to be done, the situation is simply controlled by those who know what is going on. Other officers become left-out in the air and the situation becomes tough for them as they act as though they know what is happening when actually they don't. The tension between the officers themselves stretches out to the members of the organization pulling down the unity of each team and brings down their activities to nearly "zero" results.
The symbolic frame emphasizes the concept of culture as a central role in leadership. Leaders should know they must work simultaneously on staff needs and skills, on goals and roles and the dynamics of political power and conflict. But there is something that operates beyond all these, an intangible manifestation that reflects the ethos or climate of the university. In Bolman and Deal's (2003, 14) terms, "what is most important is not what happens but what it means."
In SCG and BSA's case, this frame is portrayed by the interpersonal relationship that the officer ...
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