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Essay example - Human Research Management

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Over the past decades, the way in which people are managed, promoted and stimulated at workplace has become the primary field of interest in terms of assessing and improving organizational efficiency and marketability. Growing competitiveness in the market forces modern companies increasingly rely on skilled and motivated personnel then on pure technologies and products.

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The importance of HRM has already been recognised by virtually any company which follows western standards of business. It is clear that its performance depends not only on hard and attenuating work of its personnel, but also on the "human side" of the employees, their competence, motivation, attitudes, communication and other variables: "HRM is the core of company's general efficiency and the basis for effective management" (Gunnigle et al, 2002: 12). In a similar vein Beardwell (2003: 15) believes that despite the visible simplicity, the area of HRM is exceptionally complex due to potentially unpredictable nature of human resources. If a company fails to properly and effectively manage its human resources in the right areas of the business, at the right time and at the right cost, serious inefficiencies are likely to arise creating considerable operational difficulties and likely business failure (Beardwell, 2003).
Originally emerged in 1960s, the paradigm of HRM relied, however, on previous researches and findings of organizational scientists. As Alan Price (2000: 62) states the concept of HRM "...hasn't come out of nowhere" as there is a long history of attempts to achieve an understanding of human behaviour in the workplace. ...
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