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An effective planning process is essential to optimizing the organizations HR

et al. 1999). Therefore, management's first and most fundamental problem is selecting the right individuals with the prospective for development. evenly important is the placement of those individuals in positions in the organizational structure where their talents are most desired.
Manpower development instigates with human resources planning also known as manpower planning, which establishes a firm's specific personnel rations. These are attained by a qualitative fortitude of the individual job specifications and of the specific characteristics requisite of a person for the successful performance of each job. Once these job requirements are recognized, it is essential to forecast the number of persons desired for each job. This stage of employment is quantitative, as it entails estimates that are relatively easy to calculate from sales forecasts, labor turnover records, and other sources of data.
Human resource planning involves: manpower planning and forecasting; studying the labor market; manpower recruiting; determining supply sources; selecting personnel with appropriate skills and qualifications; placing them on the job; and developing them into more productive employees (McDuff, N. 1995).
Human resources planning imply a broad spectrum of activities touching many parts o ...
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An organization is consisting of numerous individuals with diverse objectives. Thus, the major function of a manager is manpower development, or accumulating these individuals into a productive work force which will attain the firm's goals. This function can simply be accomplished by procuring the collaboration of the individuals in the work force and synchronizing their efforts into a more productive system (Armstrong, M…
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