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6 Good Examples of Implementing Machine Learning into the Education Process


We feel it in the air. The education process is changing completely. In a few years, we probably won't recognize classrooms anymore. Technological progress comes through each tiniest aspect of our lives, so no wonder it starts to transform the education we know today in something we probably won't recognize tomorrow. 

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10 Must-Watch TED Talks for Students Before Starting a Career


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Those were the topics to start extensive discussions in 1984. Nowadays short monologues of successful people invited to join TED conferences and present their talks, are covering the vast variety of topics. A lot of them are quite useful for students, who are about to make a serious decision about their future.

The most beautiful thing about those short talks is that each of them won't take more time than having a coffee.

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4 Win-win Ways to Use Video in Studying


Watching an informative video instead of a lecture sounds like a good idea. Making a video instead of a dull paper sounds even better. Luckily, the digital era has brought loads of benefits, among them the ability to get information remotely and choose the most convenient form of it.

People are primarily visual learners. Human brain mainly processes information through the visual images. We do create associations for better remembering, and we do remember things better when they recall some image in our memory. This may be the possible explanation why different kinds of visual aids are getting that common familiar and useful in studying nowadays.

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15 Logo Design Trends Every Designer Should Follow in 2017


The logo is all about representing a company and it’s vision. The trends are changing rapidly, something new emerges every year. But what stays is the philosophy hidden behind the logo design, as it reflects the main message of the brand and is aimed to make an unforgettable impact on customers.

We have thought of main 15 logo design trends of the year 2017. Most of them are continuing the trends of a previous year, but with a noticeable evolution, of course. Let us have a look at what is considered to be modern and whether our favorite brands started up following new rules.

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10 Things To Do In Your Last College Summer


This summer you might feel that college life in ending. Next year would be your last one as a student. So, this last summer should be something special, something you will remember. Think of it, it is the last time in your life, when you will be free from responsibilities of an adult life, free from 5-day work in the office, paying bills, making the career, taking care of your own family, having 2 weeks of vacation once in a year, and so on.

Those frames and limitations are all in future. What you have now is few months of free time ahead and billions of possibilities to make them memorable, fulfill them with joy, pleasant moments and great people. Don’t waste them on watching films or being bored. You’ll have your whole life for it.

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