10 Things To Do In Your Last College Summer


This summer you might feel that college life in ending. Next year would be your last one as a student. So, this last summer should be something special, something you will remember. Think of it, it is the last time in your life, when you will be free from responsibilities of an adult life, free from 5-day work in the office, paying bills, making the career, taking care of your own family, having 2 weeks of vacation once in a year, and so on.

Those frames and limitations are all in future. What you have now is few months of free time ahead and billions of possibilities to make them memorable, fulfill them with joy, pleasant moments and great people. Don’t waste them on watching films or being bored. You’ll have your whole life for it.

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8 Content Marketing Tools to Improve Retention [Infographic]


What is retention and why you need these 8 content marketing tools to boost visitors' loyalty to a particular brand? This is an article for those students who strive to develop in content marketing and get hired by prestigious digital agencies. Prepare to the job of your dream and start gathering the most efficient tips from top experts today!

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4 Steps To Uncover Your Inner Entrepreneur Regardless of Education


We don’t know for sure whether an entrepreneurship is a gift or a skill. Some pros say that if it’s in your blood, entrepreneurship will show itself regardless of your education or life circumstances. Others claim that innate abilities have little to do with it - business success is built on 10% of talent and 90% of hard work. In our turn, we believe that everything in life can be mastered. Of course, there are some arts in which an ordinary artisan can not outdo a true artist. Yet, everyone can reach the level of a skilled artisan. We’ve prepared tips on how to unleash your entrepreneurial potential and become at least an artisan in business. Whether you'll become an artist depends on how much you are ready to give to it.

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5 Great Examples of Customer Loyalty Programs Every Brand Can Implement Today


Customer retention has a huge impact on the growing of any successful business. But encouraging customer loyalty is not a piece of cake. Let’s face it, no one wants to lose customers. On the other hand, there are no perfect businesses.


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2017 Top US Universities Ranking [INFOGRAPHIC]


Choosing the college is one of the most crucial and stressful decisions we make. Fortunately, there are numerous rankings that sort out all the data for us. One of the most trusted we've gathered in this article. It involves the detailed infographic that shows you the latest available information about the top-universities’ annual fee, the number of students and acceptance rate.

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