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5 Dumbest Pre-Exam Superstitions

5 Dumbest Pre-Exam Superstitions-1

Exams are about to start, and everyone is looking for an edge to get through this stressful period. People try things like Voodoo magic or do not shave throughout the entire exam session. Sometimes you can see the strangest behavior which reminds The Dictionary of Disorder in any psychiatrist's library. There’re plenty of different superstitions college students adopt seeking extra help from above. Here’re five of such superstitions which have proven not to work (but somehow today they’re still widely overused).

Lucky pen

One time in high school you scored A for an essay, and now you use the same pen of the same brand of the same color to write each and every paper in college. Although you haven’t done anything as good as that one essay, you still believe the pan is magical. What if you were simply well-prepared and not the pen was responsible for this stunning paper? Nope, it’s a pen! Okay, then.

No turning back

Once you leave home to take the exam, there’s no turning back until you succeed. But what if you forgot your ‘lucky’ test pen? What if you forgot your admission card? It doesn’t matter, as there’s no turning back!

Sugar makes you smarter

Some students tend to consume tons of sugary drinks to increase happiness hormone, relieve stress and sooth down nerves. Well, sugar does make us happy, but there’s a price for ill dieting, obesity, and chocolate addiction. It doesn’t help to ace an examination. Actually, there’s no positive effect in having diabetes.

5 Dumbest Pre-Exam Superstitions-2

Listening to music

There’re lots of rumors circulating online about how music helps cure cancer. Has it been scientifically proven by anyone except “British scientists”? You can listen to music, but you’d better do your studies for exams instead! Music in no way helps you memorize more material or understand complex textbook concepts. Moreover, listening to music before an exam is a major distraction which can easily make you forget things, especially when you covered texts of the entire term in just one evening.

Dress to impress

The only person to impress with your clothing on an exam day is your reflection in the mirror. There’s no chance a professor would care about your fancy outfit. Moreover, your teacher can get irritated that you have such an awesome two-button jacket with sparkles and she doesn’t! In case you do believe wearing a ‘lucky’ T-shirt to an exam and never washing it helps you do better at exams, then you’re dead wrong (see the lucky pen case).

Luck smiles upon either smartest or the wittiest. No attributes of the physical world have any magic to beat the odds at having all the easiest questions or randomly marking off all the correct answers during a pick-a-correct-answer test. What you need is a good knowledge of study material.


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