Tips to Make Your Essay Look Longer


When you have to write an essay, there’s normally a required word count you have to fit into. However, more often than not this becomes a challenging task, especially when a topic is little-known by you, and there’s almost no time to carry out a complex research.

Since essay isn’t a 30-page term paper on "How have African-Americans worked to end segregation", you aren’t obliged to fulfill any complex topic analysis and background search. Still, you have to give your professor at least something coherent and fitting into the world count. Although there’s a golden rule of academic writing stating less is better, a teacher won’t praise you for delivering a thousand words instead of two. Said that, if nothing can be done to write at least 500 more cohesive words to add up to the overall paper content, then a couple of tricks should be applied.

Making essay content longer

There’re a couple of tips which practically won’t affect the final mark of your paper. Caution is needed, though, as most of the tips revolve around re-writing of your own content with other words.

  1. Restate paragraph’s first sentence at the end of it. If possible, take opening sentence’s idea or concept and explain it in other words. If you cannot do so, re-write the first sentence and place it at the end of the paragraph. This will add a couple of more words to the count.
  2. Do not use contractions. Since it is academic writing, using contractions is not required, and avoiding it also adds a few characters to the total equation. As a senior student, you will be prohibited to use contractions anyways, therefore start training right now.
  3. Spell out numbers lower than four. In case your essay is heavy with numerical data and digits, write down all the one hundred sixty-five figures as words. Don’t spell out one, two, and three as your professor will see that you’re desperate, so adopt such approach only when truly pressed into a corner.
  4. Use vivid adjectives with more letters to them. In academic essay writing, synonymic rows are a thing to use quite often. To increase word count, use really luscious adjectives as much as you can. However, using more than five in a row will make your mark lower.
  5. Act as a wordsmith. Where a normal person would’ve written ‘I like this painting a lot,' a wordsmith would’ve rather used ‘This splendid masterpiece of modern art touches upon my deepest emotions thanks to its delicate, gentle brushstrokes and master’s spectacular attention to the tiniest details.’ Use this method a couple of times in a paper to have fewer problems with word count.

Formatting tips to squeeze out an extra line

In case you can’t make a paper longer due to adding more sentences to it, make it longer as a result of smart formatting. Here’s a list of gimmicks you can exploit to visually make a paper look longer.

  • Format your heading giving each element its own line.
  • Think of an extended title for your paper.
  • Use line breaks.
  • Pick a slightly bigger font (like 17px instead of 16px).
  • Use slightly bigger line spacing (like 2.25 instead of 2).
  • Use slightly bigger margins.
  • Choose larger letter spacing.
  • If allowed, make keywords or even entire sentences in bold.