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Art of the Renaissance My Dear Isabella, It is with great pleasure that I write to you on this sunny morning in May to express my thanks for the kind invitation that you sent to me, for your exhibition last month. It was such a surprise for me to learn that my favorite little girl has grown up and has taken up painting for herself.


I am trying to persuade one of my patrons to support these young men and so it was a fortunate coincidence that allowed me to come and view your works at the same time. I very much enjoyed my visit to that quaint little corner of the city behind the Cathedral of San Marco. It was most interesting to see the new works that Fra Angelico is doing for the monks there and I do believe that they will soon be finished. I don’t expect you will be permitted to view them, my dear, because the monks will hardly be prepared to open their doors to even one so beautiful as you, on the grounds that you are a women and hence forbidden to enter their hallowed rooms. I do assure you, however, that Fra Angelico’s frescoes are magnificent and truly a masterpiece worthy of this fine city of ours. I happened to meet him when I was coming out of the tavern, and he says that there has never been a more glorious time or place for art than our beloved Florence at the present time. ...
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