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Technical Writing Your Name Institution Salisbury Eye Evaluation Project Descriptive Summary of the Abstract The report describes normal dietary intake of SEE project among the participants. It also gives an estimation of insufficient nutrient intakes that are prevalent using a probabilistic approach.


This was among the 2,655 sample participants with thorough information about nutrient intake. A statistical analysis was performed where, x2 test for independent and variance analysis. In a two sided test, an AP<.0.5 was considered to be significant. The results showed that on average, the blacks have lower nutrient intake and mean energy than whites. On the other hand, zinc recorded the highest inadequacy prevalence across all races and genders. Zinc was then followed by calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Vitamin C with <13% and foliate <17% were estimated to have the lowest inadequacy in all races, genders, and age categories. It was therefore concluded that in this population, race differences are evident in estimated inadequate nutrient intake prevalence. Personal Portrait of the Rodrigues Fruit Bat Descriptive Summary The Rodrigues fruit bat was said to be the rarest bat in the early 1970s. However, today, conservation efforts at captive breeding centers and Rodrigues Islands have changed that dubious description. Probably, this kind of flying fox is the cutest bat the world over. Even though typical flying foxes are generally attractive, the Rodrigues fruit bats are more attractive. ...
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