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It has been a common view that immigrants have greater inclination to commit crimes than their local or inhabitant counterparts. The growing literature in this area, though, suggests the exact opposite.


The growing literature in this area, though, suggests the exact opposite. Walter Ewing and Ruben Rumbaut (Rumbaut, 2009) state that immigrants have greater propensity to crime than the natives is largely a public view which has been ignited by the media. Edwin Sutherland (1924, 1934), a popular criminologist stated in the 1920s that the affiliation between illegal immigrants and crime is a mere misapprehension. Even in the present scenario, the situation remains unchanged, since the perception that illegal immigrants are the main source of crimes is guided by public beliefs rather than solid facts and thorough analysis (Stowell, 2010). Ramiro Martinez and Mathew Lee (Nielson, 2009) conducted a thorough reading and analysis of the existing knowledge base in this area, and based on this study they arrived at a conclusion that immigrants, nearly always demonstrate less inclination towards crime than the locals. Thus, if we believe the existing literature in this area, it can be said that illegal immigrants are less inclined to crimes than the natives. But this answer cannot be believed to be true because still longitudinal research is missing from this area. On the other hand, there exists some literature which supports the fact that illegal immigrants lead to increase in the crime rates. ...
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