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NAme OF THE UNIVERSITY Internship Report INTOSANA GmbH TYPE YOUR NAME Overview INTOSANA GmbH is a nursing care facility which provides home service care to the elderly. Located in Berlin, the company started its operation last November 2010 which makes it a relatively young business establishment.


During this year’s internship program, I was assigned to help in developing the marketing strategy of the company especially through online marketing promotion. In addition, I was tasked to perform a market analysis on a specific target group which turned out to be a vital source of information for the company. With these accomplishments, I did not only able to fulfill my duty as an intern but also contributed to the overall growth of the company. In fact, during the entire internship period, I was able to help them get 15 more clients through my work in marketing strategy. Having worked for eight hours a day in two months, I have fully performed my task and prepared to document my working journey. As such, the purpose of this paper is to primarily recount my internship experiences at Intosana GmbH – my role in the company, the contributions I have made, and the lessons learned from the internship experience. First, the description of the organization will reveal the company’s organizational structure and the role I played in the company. From this, an analysis of my experience will showcase my learnings in business and management. Lastly, I will present a personal evaluation of my experiences to showcase my insights about the entire experience. ...
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