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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Heat Stroke Monitoring Device Over the years, there have been attempts to come up with effective techniques to detect and prevent heat stroke. At first, developers thought that a simple and cheap device could monitor body temperature of a group.


The human body has a natural ability for temperature regulation. Thus, an increase in the subject’s core temperature makes the sweat glands on the skin to dilate having a cooling effect on the skin. To the person observing from the camera, it appears that the subject’s core body temperature is reducing when in fact it is rising (O'Kane & Sandick). There are also heats sensors that are based on infrared technology for example thermoelectric sensors that are used in medical institutions. Medical officers have used passive infrared sensors over the years to detect aural temperatures accurately. The passive sensors allow the observer to measure the surface temperature of the subject without having direct connection with the subject. Passive infrared sensors, like the aural thermometer, enable doctors take dependable aural temperature measurements while at the same time avoiding damage to the eardrum, the eardrum is part of the ear that is near the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus, located in the brain, has a function of regulating core body temperature; in essence, the human body will be reacting to the temperature of the hypothalamus. For this reason, determination of core body temperature is possible using the eardrum since it exists at approximately the same temperature level as the whole body. ...
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