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Technology Support System For Homeland Security Program

Former Senator Rudman views the department to be a needed “formulation” in spite of the existing of great Army, Marine Corps and Air Force (2003). However, in assessing the organization and mission of the DHS, this proposal sees the agency to be wanting in resources and capacity along the aspects of independent mobilization and focus of initiatives. Organizationally, the DHS has to correlate with federal agencies to be able to mobilize anti-terrorism initiatives; it also lacks the integrated mechanism so that the department can effectively interface with the anti-terrorism network of agencies within the bureaucracy. Thus, the creation of an Information Communication and Assistance Services or ICAS is hereby proposed. Specifically, the ICAS is a novel concept of a management information system which will link the DHS with correlated anti-terrorism federal, state and local agencies using information and communication technologies. It will also enable the DHS to directly serve the people at the grassroots level through a social Web site and a 9-12 quick assistance response system. If implemented with a budget request of 18 Million USD, the proposal will consequently resolve what U.S. President Barack Obama perceives to be a “systemic failure in the existing homeland security services (Newsweek, an. 11, 2010). ...
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TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR HOMELAND SECURITY Technology Support System for Homeland Security TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR HOMELAND SECURITY Executive Summary The Department of Homeland Security or DHS was created by former U.S. President George W. Bush as a post-9/11 response to the threat of Jhadist terrorism in the United States…
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