Interaction and Engagement

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Interaction and Engagement This study seeks to analyse on the interaction and engagement of an existing project and explain the specific characteristic aspects of design that facilitates the leeway for interaction in it and describe how they achieve the engagement of the audience.


Subsequently, the study will examine another project and offer five alternative design ideas that seek to enhance the interaction of the users with its technology and amongst themselves in a simple, yet engaging manner. However, rather than focusing on how specific technologies work to create the effects, the study will dwell on suggesting simple solutions that can produce the “Wow” factor. The case study being considered for this study is the “Piano Staircase,” a project created under the initiative of Volkswagen. THE PIANO STAIRCASE (Shinn 2010:6) The project, “Piano Staircase,” offers a staircase adjacent to an escalator on a subway in Odenplan, “Stockholm, Sweden” that makes passersby wonder as to what option to take (Shinn 2010:6). This was part of Volkswagen’s experimental campaign known as the “Fun Theory” that seeks to find out whether incorporating some innovations in design that contain the fun element can incite people to “engage in good behaviours” such as climbing the stairs instead of using the escalator (6). While Volkswagen and their PR professionals purport this as the fun element for the sake of entertainment, in actual practice they are aiming at analysing the needs of their audience and meeting their requirements in “new forms” (6). ...
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