Why oriental simplistic styles can successfully in MUJI shop products?

Why oriental simplistic styles can successfully in MUJI shop products? Essay example
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In recent years, an oriental unsophisticated fashion design style has spread world-wide. One Japanese fashion design called Muji, has successfully established its unique brand identity with its famous simplistic style.


Based to a great extent on the noble concept of “simple, natural and fundamental”, all their products are designed by using this core theory. Another fundamental consideration is the term “plainness”, which is a cultural aesthetic idea that already exists in Japanese daily life for centuries. Through the establishment of Muji brand image, this Japanese unsophisticated oriental aesthetics has a chance to thrive. A research has been done so as to find more about Muji’s style and its product design in the quest of exploring the significance of its overall brand image. From the cultural point of view, this research also explored the oriental simplistic style of Muji, and its correlation to Japanese culture, as well as the connotation hidden behind this unique style. Another endeavor of this research was to find the essential elements of its oriental plainness and to make available an applicable method for design adaptation, which can be used as a reference for future design implementations on oriental unsophisticated Muji style. A practical design was put into practice after the results of the research and its feasibility was verified. According to the analyzed results, the perceptive degree of the oriental basic factors of the practical design was comparable to that of the studied samples of Muji which meant that the theoretical results and the actual practices had a significant degree of achievability. ...
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