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Cocktail presentation design report The cocktail presentation presents the ideas and information contained in the original cocktail design project visually by means of a presentation.


Although the contents of the presentation were all designed from scratch, the built-in presentation wizard was used to see if any suitable template exists. A template designed for introducing a new product was deemed to be suitable so it was used for the overall background and style with modifications. This template had horizontal stripes which matched the way the cocktail mixtures have been depicted. The steps followed in using the wizard are shown in the figure below. Figure 1: The steps followed in using the presentation wizard In step 3 of the wizard, the basic slide transition effect was selected as Comb Horizontal which again was considered to be suitable because it matched both the cocktail depictions and the horizontally striped background. The speed was set as normal. This setting was applied to all the slides and all the slides except the ones showing the cocktails individually retained this setting. During step 4, the main title and the presenters name were entered. In step 5, the content pages suggested by the wizard were deselected because they were related to introducing a new product whereas I only used the background and style from this template. The cover or title slide of the presentation is shown below. Figure 2: Screenshot of the title slide of the presentation The presentation was then given an outline and ordering for the slides as shown in the table below. ...
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