Bright Smile Surgery System

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Assumptions made are all patients who call the reception list are either in need of booking an appointment or rescheduling an appointment. The activity diagram above tries to show the process followed by a client before getting treated.


Bright Smile Surgery System

The system assumes interaction between patients and the hospitals begins when the patient makes a phone call to the hospital through the reception desk. In this call, it is assumed that the patient might be willing to make an appointment to see the dentist. The receptionist collects the patient’s details and validates to see if the patient is an existing patient or a new patient.
The receptionist then moves forward to give the patient, issuing an appointment date. The patient is reminded of the appointment through mails by the system. After that, on the date of the appointment, the patient visits the hospital where the receptionist checks whether the patient had an appointment. If the patient had an appointment, the reception lists checks whether the client is new or an old patient continuing with the treatment. In case of a new patient, the reception lists collect more information about the patient to add on what had been collected during the phone call. The patient then sees the doctor to receive treatments. The doctor is supposed to bill the patient.

These are the different people who interact with the system. They carry out different activities using the system:
1. Doctors
2. Hygienist
3. Receptionist
4. Patient

This system mainly interacts with the hospital’s staff and patients. The patients can request for an appointment through the system. The hospital’s staffs are supposed to get the different schedules form within the system before giving any appointment. ...
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