Human Cloning: a Controversy

Human Cloning: a Controversy Essay example
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Topic – Human Cloning - A Controversy Scottish Scientist Ian Wilmut inaugurated a new chapter in science when he introduced dolly the cloned lamb to the world. Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from adult body cells. Most people wouldn’t notice the difference if the sheep farms were populated with clones, but what about human cloning?


The advent of recombinant DNA has stirred controversy in late 1960s and in 1970s.However, cloning is not a natural phenomena and could only lead to several complication in human life. There are many ethical issues being raised concerning human cloning which are based on theology. Concern for preserving human dignity and individual freedom, for example is deeply rooted in religious and biblical principles. All religion protest against the violation and tampering with human reproduction .Protestant believe that human cloning gives too much power to the hands of sinful man. True cloning implies reproduction without sex. The disturbing thought related with cloning is that it will lead to effort to breed individuals with genetic qualities perceived as exceptional. Such ideas are repulsive and can give way to “selective breeding”. According to (Bonsor)”Cloning sheep and other nonhuman animals seemed more ethically benign to some than potentially cloning people”.Human cloning is a subject that touches deep human emotions and it has triggered excitement and hoax among the public since its introduction. In 1990s, the human cloning has created so much controversy that many people wanted it to be banned. Cloning poses novel problems in terms of reproduction privacy and the uncommented use of one’s genome by other people. ...
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