The History of Chair Design (18th century to current)

The History of Chair Design (18th century to current) Case Study example
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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Date The History of Chair Design (18th Century to Current) History is often loaded with evidence of human evolution from the earliest man to the present man. One of the major outstanding features of human evolution is concerning evolution of human posture.


A chair refers to a structure, which is raised from the surface, is stable, and is commonly used by one person to sit (Dampierre 5). The actual and historic sense of the term chair is the fact that it is supported by mostly three or four legs and has a back. However, the chair can have a different shape depending on the chair’s specifications criteria. Even though it has been stated that a chair has a back, some form of chairs such as stool do not have a back. Chairs do have various designs depending on the culture and the surrounding environment. The chair design may have drilled holes for decoration, low gaps or back for ventilation, or may be made of porous materials (Greene 21). The history of chair is as old as the history of humankind; chairs have been used in many centuries. Although chair is of extreme simplicity and antiquity, for many years it was used more as an article or item of dignity and state especially among the kings. However, this has changed over time with chair becoming a structure of ordinary use. It is undisputable that chair design has evolved in terms of design and technology. Therefore, this discussion will focus on the history of chair design in particular reference from the 18th century to the current. To begin with, it is important to consider the essence of design in chair just like in any other article or structure. ...
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