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Enterprise Architecture: Justification

It is like the skeleton on which a system is developed. Enterprise Architecture is the concept of framework that defines the operations of an organization. The application of this framework is with the overall intention for the organization to achieve its future objectives, and be successful. Information has become a crucial part of most modern enterprises and organizations. It has a direct impact on the activities of a business and all the related functions. Discussion The ability to effectively manage the integrity and quality of this information is vital for the survival and success of any organization. Enterprise Architecture brings together the Information Technology components into the management of normal business activities. In the Department of Motor Vehicles, management of information and data is very vital. The user data must always be accurate and updated. The management of all the business aspects is improved by application of the Enterprise Architecture structure. The DMV has almost 2000 employees and all of them have to input their information into a database for management. The Enterprise Architecture program is a management system that comprises of many subsystems. It is often viewed as a ‘system of systems’. These components function together to give a fully functional system. ...
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An enterprise has been defined as a business venture that has recognizable business functions and operations. It is a stand-alone entity that sometimes has other enterprises within it. Architecture is the underlying framework that makes up a system. …
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